With this instruction, you can connect to PureVPN using Shimo

  1. Download Shimo here
  2. Install Shimo by following the onscreen instructions
  3. When prompted enter your macOS username and password to authorize the configuration
  4. (for new users only) Get the VPN service from PureVPN
  5. Download the PureVPN config files here and unzip the file
  6. Add a new VPN profile to Shimo
  7. Click on the settings icon to import the downloaded .ovpn-file of your country (step 4)
  8. Select the created VPN profile and click on 'Edit'
  9. Scroll down to the bottom. Select Direction 1 from TLS Authentication, insert your PureVPN login informations and click 'Save'
  10. Click on the toggle-button to connect
  11. You are connected now

If questions or issues arise you can contact us (support@shimovpn.com). To give feedback to this article, use the section below.