You have a working configuration in VPN Tracker and want to move it to Shimo? See the guide below to find out how to configure the settings in Shimo.

  1. Open Shimo Preferences and go to Accounts
  2. Click the button to add a new VPN account
  3. Select General IPSec and click Create... (If you are using Cisco, Nortel or Juniper/Netscreen IPSec refer to the appropriate guide)
    General IPSec import start
  4. Provide the information for Remote Host (this is called VPN Gateway in VPN Tracker) and Username and Password if necessary

  5. Double click the account you just added to configure it further

  6. Open the configuration in VPN Tracker to compare it with the settings in Shimo

  7. Select and enter the appropriate Local and Remote Identifiers
  8. Select the right Authentication Method and fill in the necessary information and provide the path to the certificates if necessary

    1. Pre-shared key -> Preshared Key
    2. Certificates -> Certificate
    3. Hybrid Mode -> Hybrid RSA
    4. Pre-shared key with XAUTH -> XAuth PSK
    5. Certificates with XAUTH -> XAuth RSA
  9. Select if you want to Use remote DNS servers
  10. In case you want to specify the DNS servers or only use them for search domains apply the appropriate settings e.g.
    DNS setting
  11. Go the Advanced tab in Shimo and stay on the Basic tab in VPN Tracker

  12. Provide the appropriate settings for the Network Configuration in Shimo

  13. Select the right Topology in Shimo by selecting the Local Endpoint Mode and the Remote Endpoint Mode

  14. Add the right IP Addresses if necessary
    General IPSec Advanced network settings

  15. Now go to the Advanced tab in both applications 

  16. Select the right settings in Shimo

  17. If you have any custom routes specified in the Traffic Control in VPN Tracker, add the same routes to the Network Traffic Control in Shimo (select Overwrite as the mode)

  18. Go to the Expert tab in Shimo and scroll down in the Advanced tab in VPN Tracker
  19. Compare the appropriate settings

  20. That is it. You should now have the same VPN account working in Shimo.