There are cases where you just want certain traffic to go through your VPN connection. This is e.g. the case when you want to access your companies network but still be able to use your local internet next to it.

How to set custom routes in Shimo

  1. Click on the little Shimo icon in your menu bar
  2. Click Preferences…
  3. Double click on the VPN Account you want to configure
  4. Go to the Advanced tab
  5. Disable Send all traffic over VPN (if applicable to the current protocol)
  6. Add custom route(s) to Network Traffic Control by clicking +
  7. The target network is the IP address of the remote network that you want to access e.g. (typically this is a network range, indicated by the appended /XX)
  8. Select VPN as the Gateway
  9. Set mode to Overwrite (do not use transmitted routes from VPN gateway)
  • Note: Extend would also use the transmitted routes from the VPN gateway

How to split traffic

How to find out the Target Network if you don't know it?

In case you don’t know the target network you want to access, there are a couple of ways to figure that out. The easiest way is to ask your IT department or the administrator of the VPN. You need the network range in the CIDR notation. 

You could also try to figure it out yourself. When connected directly to the network open up your network connection details and search for your IP address and the Subnet Mask. Once you have that information you can use this Subnet Calculator (link) to calculate the network range for you. 

Shimo Subnet Calculator

Shimo Subnet Calculator subnet range