To purchase a Shimo license, please visit the Shimo pricing page and scroll down to the pricing table. Click on Buy License to start the checkout process.

How to order a Shimo license

  1. Visit the Shimo pricing page
  2. Click Buy License
    Shimo Buy License
  3. Enter your email address and click Continue
    Purchase Shimo - email
  4. Select your Country and enter your Zip / Post Code
    Purchase Shimo - location
  5. Optional: Change the quantity if you want to order more than one license
  6. Optional: If you are a business, and have a valid EU VAT ID, you can enter your VAT ID 
  7. Choose a payment method (Pay by Card or PayPal)
    Purchase Shimo - quantity and payment method
  8. Enter your Payment information to complete the checkout
  9. You will receive an email with your receipt (subject line: Your Feingeist Receipt)
  10. You will receive a second email with your Shimo license key (subject line: Your Shimo 4 Order)